As god can not be everywhere hence he created doctors .and we met such a person during my 9 months of prganacy. I wanted to take a moment and Say Thanks to My doctor Mrs. Brijbala Tiwari, and her entire team, How INCREDIBLY LUCKY I was to have you as my doctor. I had the best of the best. Now that I am out the other side and taking a moment to finally can say: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! I am so grateful to you and feel truly blessed to have you taking care of me . There is no way to truly express the depth of my and my familys, appreciation. You are an amazing woman and I am honored to know you.
you and ur team are a miracle worker. I am sure, I was quite afraid. Finding you, through much deserved praise, was a stroke of luck…you quelled my fears and helped me feel safe in choosing LCH . I am so grateful to you and what you have done truly means the world to me.
Thanks for letting us know the feel of Parenthood.
special thanks to LCH team ,nursing staff, admin team, NICU team, housekeeping team, canteen team, physiotherapy team. ( specially Neha to all the close coordination)
Your all efforts made us feel proud to choose LCH.
I mUST Say Life care Hospital is the best hospital in Indore.
Last but not the least .. A greatful Thanks to Mr. Suneel Tiwari Sir for ur all efforts and treating us as a Family. ( pls convey our regards to ur management team)
Deepika Avdhesh Pratap Pathak

Deepika Pathak

Very good hospital.
My thanks to Dr. Madam Brijbala Tiwari & entire team of doctors, nursing staff, for there cooperative & caring
Team work. We had been there for 4 days due to my wife’s Cesarean. I had liked there concept of hospitality to provide homely atmosphere along with there canteen facility.
My best wishes to the entire team.


LCH is a very good hospital where patient’s personal care is given major importance. Thank you to the doctors and hospital staff who are well trained and helped me with a speedy recovery.

– Mrs. Neha Motwani

Mohit Motwani

Best personal caring hospital of indore.
My personal experience about hospital the life care hospital is the best hospital .
Mediclaim team is very best specially Manju Mam behavior is human being .
Nursing staff, doctor’s, O. T staf is also better than others.


The best hospital in Indore
A big thanks to Dr. Brijbala Tiwari mam becoz of whom only I am enjoying motherhood. She and her team was my real strength when I was pregnant though I had PCOD ,1 tube block and positive APA panel ; I conceived naturally with her guidance. You not only get medical treatment there but a emotional support which you require the most at this time. I am blessed with a baby girl and the credit goes to Dr. Brijbala Tiwari mam , Joyoti Tai ,Sarika Di and Dr. Rajshree .Not the least I should not forget Neha who used to daily give me a positive smile 🙂 for my future. My best wishes to the entire team and a Special thanks to Dr. Brijbala Tiwari mam for bringing my dream in to reality.

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