Machine Infrastructure

Santati is the only infertility center in Central India with 0.3 Micron Hepa Filter, Aeroside Filter (Nassa, U.S.A) and Tripple Gas Incubator from Japan. These high-end equipments extend the success rate of IVF by inculcating near perfect natural uterus environment for embryo development.

All Under One Roof

Sonography, Digital X-Ray, Color Doopler, Pathology and Drug House.

Confidentiality & Transparency

Santati will protect the confidentiality of its patients at any cost. In-case of using patient’s identity for advertising or other purpose, proper permissions will be taken from the patients.

Hygiene With Specific Environment

Santati has imbibed various norms set for Infertility Center construction in its blue prints. Those include Stone Walls – these type of walls avoid the use of paints, which contain chemicals harmful for embryo. Air-tight Door Closing – they have been included to avoid dust-particles at all nooks and corners. Minimum touch sensation – the center has automated door locks, palm sensors, foot sensors, etc. that ensure less transfer of bacteria via touch sensation. Discrete Points – the center has discrete cabins and double film windows for semen collection and passing; so as to ensure less discomfort to the patient.

Ecofriendly Environment

Santati is situated in extension of Life Care Hospital premises. The premises is known and liked for its natural surroundings, lush greenery development and soothing quietness. Surrounded by more than 250 plants like Pelta farm, Neem Gultora, Ficus Benjamin and a swimming pool with waterfall can put patients on ease while they are ongoing IVF process or in their initial times of distress.

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